• fronthandlebar
    Hi Roger. I have sailed on Hobies in South Africa before and would love to sail again. I may be a bit rusty but am sure I could remember most of the skills required. Am free this following weekend 8-9 August (I live in Tainan) and if you'd like to go for a sail please let me know. Would happile pass on everything I know. I'd also like to take my wife with. Contact or 0911905006.
    August 2015
  • santiago
    Hello Roger I have been sailing Laser boats (and some bigger boats when asked for) for 4 years. I am a guy from Spain who is currently living / studying in Kaohsiung. I know that a Laser is not exactly a Hoby (the bravo seems small) but they have the same sailing principles. If you know how to rig it (or bring the manual) I can teach you how to sail it. I can bring my own lifejacket. You don't have to pay me. Contact: +886 988 966 701 or (email at the end) PS, there is a competition this weekend (I am sure you are aware), are you going?
    May 2014
  • Roger1950
    I just moved my small sailing boat( hobie cat bravo) to da peng bay, 35 mins south of kaohsung. I'm not very experienced and was wondering if any English speakers have the time or inclination to show me the ropes? I don't mined paying or all the beer you can drink( preferably after going out). I'm free whenever.
    April 2014
  • Roger1950
    Roger1950 joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    May 2012

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