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National Sun Yat Sen University area
  • JustMeJustMe
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    Hey there,
    I'm thinking of going to Kaohsiung to learn Chinese in NSYSU, but as I see it is a bit far from city centre I would like to ask a few things:
     - how long should it take to the city centre (using public transportation)? does the MTR pass nearby? 
     - I heard air pollution is quite bad, is it the same in the university area or just at the centre?
     - Anyone who can say anything about the CLC in NSYSU here? have seen some general review saying it is OK, but can anyone detail? 

    Thanks in advance 

  • LeedcLeedc
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    The pollution close to the university is not as bad as the pollution in the city, I live in a small village close to the university, it's called Chaishan and it's a lovely place to live. Kaohsiung is a big city, so it would depend on which part of the city you lived in, as to how far away it was.  
  • MaryMary
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    Hello Leedc,

    me and my husband are new in Kaohsiung, we live in Zuoying District. I like your family picture profile and would like to make friends with you and your family. My e-mail address is imelda.czysz1@gmx.de, mobile phone number is 0909  925 953. You might as well put up your own school, I've observed that there are quite a number of people looking for teaching positions ;). I'm just kidding! Anyway, please contact me if you are interested to get in touch. Thanks!

    Best regards,

  • GosiaGosia
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    Hi, depending where on campus you live - it may take 10-20 minutes to reach the tunnel on foot. From there you can take a bus (the bus stop is just across a parking lot from the tunnel) or walk another 10 minutes to mrt Siziwan (Orange line start/end station). From there to let's say Central Park it takes about a 20 minutes ride. You can check it with Google maps - it's quite reliable.