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One-on-One English Native Speaker Tutor Wanted
  • emsingsemsings
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    Looking for a tutor for my mom. 

    Female, early 60's. 
    Retired university lecturer of classical music (piano).

    Weekday morning. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday morning.
    1-2 hours each time. One class/week.

    600 up/hour. Negotiable.

    Zuoying District, Kaohsiung. (Near Aozihdi/Kaohsiung Arena MRT Station)

    ---Learning Needs---
    1. Preferably art-based. She's going to attend a workshop in Chicago this fall, and would like to take classes to help her understand the lecture better. 
    2. Conversational. 

    1. Punctuality is a must. My mom's a nice lady, so if something comes up and you're late for 5-10 minutes, it's fine. But if you're regularly leaving her waiting for more than 15 minutes, that's not okay. Please only apply if you are responsible and care about the client's learning quality. 
    2. You don't have to be an education major, or certified with TESOL or any other certificate/license. But you should at least have a Bachelor's degree or something equivalent to that.

    Overall, this job should be pretty easy. Don't worry too much about not having a background in arts. My mom's very chill (but she is intelligent and has standards). Watching videos teaching painting with her while explaining and making sure she understands the important parts could already be very helpful. She has already been watching a lot of those on her own. Some help would always be better. 

    Thanks for reading. 
    Please attach your resume and email me at emilyousings@gmail.com with the title "Adult Tutor Application -- (insert your name)."