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Actors/actresses for a French-Taiwanese co-production wanted
  • JoanChenJoanChen
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    We are working for an international film production company in Taipei and we are filming a french-taiwanese co-produced feature film between April 12-25th down in kaohsiung.

    -the movie is about a french translator living in taiwan, but we need some actors and actresses from different countries for some small extra roles to speak their native languages.

    - we need 3 Dutch for 3 days of shooting, 2 Brazilians, for one day and 1 Polish actors/actresses for one male or female are both ok to help us film.

    - If anyone from these countries is already in Kaohsiung, that is preferred, but of course anywhere in Taiwan is fine too.

    If interested, please contact us at Info@houseonfire.com.tw and send some photos, contact information, nationality etc and we can give you all the information about our movie, like pay rate and exact dates etc the talents would be needed on.