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Joy School needs a full time teacher
  • kuoppjoykuoppjoy
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    Looking for full time English Teachers starting from February.

    Joy English Shin-Yi Branch 
    Location:  in downtown Kaohsiung No. 49-5 Liu Ho First Road, in the Shin Xing District, within walking distance of the Formosa MRT station. 

    Applicants must:
    Be native English speakers with bachelor degree or higher in any discipline.

    Class time: 
    Monday, Tuesday  15:30 - 20 o’clock 
    Wednesday           2:30-4:30 on Wed.
    Thursday             16 - 21:00  o'clock,, 
    Friday                  15:30 - 21:00  

    Each class is 50 mins long. 
    18 hours a week now.

    Hourly paid is NT 650, 
    Students’ age from 8 to 13.
    Class size is 8-15.

    1. ARC, Health insurance

    If your interested, please send your resume to kuoppjoy@gmail.com. Ivy Kuo  
    I will contact you.  Thank you.
  • kuoppjoykuoppjoy
    Posts: 9Member
    the job is open again.  If you're interested, please give me mail.  ^^