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Suitable Work for SEA Kiwi
  • ZeeZee
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    Hey everyone! What a relief finding this gem of a forum.

    I have a unique situation and I'm not sure how I would be perceived and if it would work against me.

    I'm Chinese, born in Singapore, but lived more than half my life in New Zealand. What are the chances of me getting an English teaching job? Not sure what parents would think of someone their own colour teaching English, notwithstanding the fact that I'm not American?

    I've considered playing to my strength which is Agile software development. I'm a Certified Scrum Master (not a trainer), and have been leading Software teams for a number of years in NZ. I will not however, be able to take on a non-English speaking job.

    The motivation for a short term stint in Kaohsiung is for my daughter to attend the local kindy, in hope of learning the language. Thinking of 6 months as a suitable time frame as we still have commitments abroad.

  • YeshiYeshi
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    Unless you have a JVRC, APRC, Taiwanese citizenship, or other visa that would allow you to seek employment restriction-free, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to legally work as an English teacher.  English teachers in Taiwan must be from a specified list of countries where English is the native language in order to be legally hirable: UK, Ireland, US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.  

    If you have a passport from one of these countries, than your next hurdle is to find a place that will not fine you a month's wage for breaking your contract after 6 months since most employers will only allow you to sign for a year.  If you don't have a passport from one of these countries or one of the above visas which allow unrestricted employment, you can't be legally hired.  That doesn't mean you can't be illegally hired, but that is a risky venture, and employment isn't guaranteed.

    It is also possible to find a job in your area of specialty, but Taipei has much better job prospects.  Again though, most contracts are annual and there are (illegal, but prevalent and legally binding once you sign said illegal contract) clauses that allow the employer to confiscate over a month's wage should you end your contract before the end of one year.

    www.1111.com.tw will have job postings for your particular vocation (Google translate would be handy since the website is in Chinese).  I unfortunately don't have experience with agencies in the software industry, but it might be worth doing a general Google search since an agency should more easily find you a job.  I have known many engineers and IT people that have come to Taiwan to work without any Chinese knowledge, so this could be a good way forward.

    I hope this helps (exhausted from several days of no sleep so not sure if this was clear or not).  Feel free to clarify or ask additional questions!

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