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NEEDED: Sales Agent
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    Right now we are looking for agents that are willing to sell our service to schools and sign them up for our service, you will be payed a percentage of the yearly subscription for each school you sign up with us.

    We are looking for candidates that can speak both Chinese and English.

    Key responsibilities:
    Running telephone and e-mail support operations.
    Ensuring that our quality of service (e.g. support request times and resolutions) are maintained at levels of excellence.
    Making customers happy (this requires grace under pressure, especially when you're dealing with a challenging customer that has urgent demands and time pressure).

    Does this describe you?
    High energy and outgoing
    Fast learner
    Excellent writer
    Clear and engaging presentation skills

    NOTE: we do not offer an ARC or hourly pay

    If interested please contact with a private msg...
    Thanks Lisa
  • EduActiveEduActive
    Posts: 60Member
    We are currently  looking for two people for this position based in Kaohsiung and Taichung...