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Seeking for a part time job at Dashu District, Kaohsiung
  • YoriNguyenYoriNguyen
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    Hi everyone in Kaohsiung group,

    I am Yori Nguyen, I am 25 years old and was recently awarded a full scholarship to study International Master of Business Administration at I-Shou University. I can speak English fluently and Japanese a lots, with Chinese I will have to spend a period of time for studying and improving as well. So, I need to be some part time job to make living in this time, any jobs I can also join and handle already. 
    I will be arriving at Dashu Dis, Kaohsiung in the first week of September and will get work permit as long as ARC sooner for hiring me. Actually, with small budget for studying 2 years in Taiwan, this is my first time living and get a little nervous and seek for some job to earn my other fees as accomodation and others

    Thank you for everyone supporting me !
    Best regards!
    Yori Nguyen