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Selling a specialized wood working vice. (Zyliss Vice) very versatile!!
  • rhkhhrhkhh
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    I have one of the original Zyliss Swiss made vices. Barely used and in perfect condition.
    The company was taken over and the product is now called Z-Vice......I think made in NZ now. 
    (See description below and video demo)
    Great for any kind of woodworking!
    If interested call me for more details at 07-331-3435

    Video demo:

    The Z-VISE (formerly Zyliss Vice) is a multi-purpose portable clamping system.

    The Z- VISE is a unique Swiss designed tool that can
    hold virtually any shape, any size material anywhere you work. Made to
    exacting standards for over 70 years, it comes with a lifetime
    warranty.The Z-VISE is made of special light metal alloy, with the
    columns and spindle made of surface treated steel. Do you struggle to
    hold your work securely?The Z-VISE ( formerly Zyliss Vice) has been
    demonstrated at trade shows throughout Australia and New Zealand for
    over 20 years.

    718 x 600 - 148K
    509 x 800 - 143K
    600 x 725 - 128K
    800 x 455 - 160K
  • rhkhhrhkhh
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    Judging from their website they now sell for $399 (Not sure what currency) but I can give a much better deal. http://www.homeshow.co.nz/
    Same price here: https://www.advmachinery.com/p-105-original-z-vise-portable-clamping-system.aspx