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Australian International Student seeking work from September onwards
  • JesiahJesiah
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    Hello there, my name is Jesiah Grant, I'm from Australia. I'am 20 years of age and was recently was awarded a full scholarship to study at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages. I'll be studying Chinese and International Business. I have no prior Chinese language skills under my belt and I will be in need of some part time work to make ends meet whist I live in Taiwan. I currently have no university timetable so I can't say when I would be available for work. 

    I will be arriving some time in September, I have experience tutoring english back home. But the work doesn't have to relate to teaching, just something that pays well enough for me to afford renting an apartment. If you can be of any help it would be appreciated, this is my first time living in a another country and I'm a little nervous but at the same time super excited. 


    Jesiah Grant
  • HunghuiminHunghuimin
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    Hi Jesiah, 
    Our school is looking for English part-time teachers to cover these teaching hours in September.
    1:30~3:30 on Wednesdays 
    3:00~5:00; 6:00~8:00 on Thursdays
    4:00~7:00 on Fridays
    Children's age group is 7~15 year-old students
    Class size is 4~12 students
    Our school is located across from Dahua Elementary School, Niaosung District, Kaohsiung (Please google map the location) 
    Hour pay starts at 550 NT(non-experienced English teachers)
    English native speakers preferred
    Please send your resume/CV to Sammi at carol1976tw@gmail.com if you're interested
    We can offer teaching skills here since you don't have any experience in teaching English in a foreign country.

  • Joce2016Joce2016
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    kindergarten foreign teacher wanted.
    Wednesday 9:00-11:30;2:20-3:50
    Thursday 9:00-11:30
    Location : Fangshan
    Contact Amanda:0723cheng@gmail.com
  • solaredgesolaredge
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    you know that you need a work permit right

    make sure you have it in hand before you start working. And make sure you arrive with enough money to live a couple of months first.

    otherwise could be headed back to mascot in bad shape
  • solaredgesolaredge
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    the permit may only be valid for 6 months you'd have to check