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Picaridin Pregnancy-safe Mosquito Repellent
  • Cathy_HuangCathy_Huang
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    I have two
    bottles of mosquito repellent that a friend brought back from New Zealand for
    me. Due to my pregnancy I now very rarely leave home, and therefore don’t need
    any mosquito repellant.

    The active
    ingredient is Picaridin which is viewed by many as being as good as DEET. It
    doesn’t have the smell, greasy feel, or chemical side effects of DEET, but
    keeps away all sorts of insects and creatures (including mosquitos and the
    small ones).


    repellent is also suitable for pregnant ladies.


    bottles are brand new and have never been used, however the labeling on the
    bottle is a little faded as they were bashed around in my friend’s check-in
    luggage (pictures attached).


    date: 2020


    It’s such a
    shame to let them go, but I don’t want them just sitting around in my house.


    1 bottle is


    I can post
    them to you COD via 7-11, or we can meet face-to-face in northern Kaohsiung.


    Feel free
    to message/ email me with any questions. (cathypuppy0201@yahoo.com.tw)





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