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Gold Fitness Factory Membership for sale - Bo Ai branch
  • ucsbchuiucsbchui
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    A PREPAID GOLD membership for sale coming up.  Membership is from 6/20/2016 to 3/20/2017 (9 months)
    I love this gym but unfortunately, I will move to Hualien this summer and they don't have a branch there.  

    There are 2 kinds of membership at the gym.  
    GOLD $1588 per month
    SILVER $1288 per month (no access Monday to Friday 5-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm)

    If you're looking to join with the GOLD membership, you have to pay joining fees of 
    3,500 + 1588 x 2 (first and last month) = $6676 just to start (1 year contract)
    I think you can do the math yourself.
    I want to post this deal on here before I post it on Facebook.  I highly encourage you to check out this gym if you're thinking about joining.  
    This gym's got everything.  

    FOR SALE for $12,000 for 9 months. +$300 transfer fee

    Contact me by
    Email: ucsbchui@gmail.com
    LINE ID: duncanchui
    Phone: 0987197790

    I can speak Chinese