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3bedrooms Apartment 15000$ for rent next to the ecological park/10mins walk to MRT
  • hclinhclin
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    It is a very beautiful and spacious one and is located at corner of zenhgde Road and Mengzi Road. There are 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms (1 master suite with bay window + a private bathroom), 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 2 balconies which face to the ecological park and overlooking to Lotus Pond, 15 mins walk to Lotus pond and 10 mins walk to ecological MRT or to Zouying Train station.
    The apartment in on 9th floor and the view is exceptional, vis a vis to the park and overlooking to Lotus pond, no any building in front of it.
    The rent is 15000 NT+2months deposit( building management and a parking space are included), if anybody is interested, 
    contact: line #0971212900 
    Email: lin.huichu@gmail.com
    639 x 426 - 43K