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Native English speaker offering tutoring
  • alexandra53190alexandra53190
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    I'm an English teacher in Kaohsiung with the following availability for tutoring:

    Monday: noon- 3:30 pm, after 6:30 pm
    Tuesday: noon- 5:30 pm, after 7 pm
    Wednesday: before 1:30 pm, after 6 pm
    Thursday: before 3:30 pm
    Friday: before 1:30 pm

    Weekends are also possible, but will need to be variable. My rate is 700 ntd/hour. If interested, please message me on LINE- userid: alexandra53190.
  • twks1987twks1987
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    Alex Cory ( alexandra53190 ) is an irresponsible teacher who stands student up for a scheduled meeting.
    I asked her for two simple things: 1. respect others feeling 2. do not ignore people's Line message

    It's hilarious that she yelled at me on the phone and called me a "whining bitch" and getting into the gender equality issue. She said something like "only woman has the right to ignore a man's text message".
    I never saw a grown-up having this kind of attitude. People who wants to take this person's class should consider carefully because she probably will be absent when she's not in the mood.

    By the way, her rate is 800 NTD / hour actually. Without any learning materials and fully unprepared.