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Cat Veterinarian and Boarding
  • LaurenFLaurenF
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    After much thought, I have decided that I am going to start the search for a kitten here in Kaohsiung.  Does anyone have any recommendations on where to find one (I'd rather adopt than buy one at a pet store)?  Also, if I get one that needs to be neutered, does anyone know about how much that will cost and also any recommendations on an english speaking vet?  Lastly, I'm hoping some of my Taiwanese coworkers can watch my future kitty for the couple weeks that I go home for Christmas, but if not - does anyone know of a great place that does boarding?  I know of a lot of places for dogs, but haven't heard of any for cats.  Thanks for all the information!  
  • FangXianShengFangXianSheng
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    The vet I use for my cat is 宏力動物醫院. 

    They occasionally have strays you can adopt, and a few of the younger vets there speak English fairly well.  I typically interact with the other staff in Chinese, but doctors will come out and help if you can't communicate with the front desk staff easily.  I know they have a grooming center and I think a boarding center as well.  The vet is open 24hrs a day but anything after 8pm and before 9am is considered an emergency situation and is more expensive.

    If I recall correctly it cost me 2000NTD to spay my cat which included the tracking chip.  If you need help let me know and I meet you there to smooth the initial process. 
  • LaurenFLaurenF
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    Thank you for the information!  I keep hearing about how there are a ton of places to adopt here in Kaohsiung, but I'm finding it near impossible to find any information about it.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! 
  • TaiwanesaTaiwanesa
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    hey, do you want to adopt a black cat??

    my friend found him near her working place, will send him to take a shower and clean the fleas tomorrow.
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