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The fastest way to check the Taiwan Receipt Lottery Numbers.
  • alexforeveralexforever
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    The Prize Winning Numbers for Months 03-04 have just been released!

    'Taiwan Receipt LotterytoIX' is a FREE Android app works both in English and Chinese.
    It's designed to be the fastest way to check your tickets.
    It has an intelligent method and many visual clues that will save your time.

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  • FisheyesFisheyes
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    I've never released an app before, so I apologise if this is a silly question, but is it easy enough for you to make this app available to all country's users so I don't have to change my app store to Taiwan to download it?
  • alexforeveralexforever
    Posts: 18Member
    Yes. You can put in the app/google store once and it's available for all the countries.
  • alexforeveralexforever
    Posts: 18Member

    The app is now called:


    And it has many design improvements
  • flurbiusflurbius
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    I tried to get this app today - I was told it was not available in my country
  • alexforeveralexforever
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    The app is available in all countries except China.
    What is the country of your store. is it an Android or iPhone?