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any vegans in Kaohsiung?
  • LyngchLyngch
    Posts: 8Member
    I am recently being a vegan and am looking for people to share the experiences, recipes or simply talk!
    anyone who is out there loving this planet, I'm in!

    here to find me

    Love and peace.
  • JaiyoismJaiyoism
    Posts: 434Administrator
    Hi, not a vegan myself but have a friend who is.
    He buys his raw goods here    Tried some of his pinto beans he made, very tasty :)
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  • TaiwanesaTaiwanesa
    Posts: 16Member
    Im a vegetarian(i don't mind meat&seafood r cooked with vegetables), not a vegan
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  • JaiyoismJaiyoism
    Posts: 434Administrator
    A little of course but there could be some vegan places in the link below.
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  • KramKram
    Posts: 2Member
    Are you still here? I'm vegan in Kaohsiung.
  • surdhamsurdham
    Posts: 107Member
    Hi , Me and my wife are vegetarians .  i m vegetarian since i was born .  I am from India , and she is from Taiwan . most of the time we cook our food at home .if you want to  join us sometimes .we can have a happy cooking together .and also can teach each other. 
    have a good day.
  • MangoBMangoB
    Posts: 6Member
    Me and my partner are vegans too. If anyone would like to meet up my email is danmaloney89@gmail.com
  • gmargarethgmargareth
    Posts: 2Member
    Hi, im a vegetarian not a vegan

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