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Jess Pilates in Kaohsiung- New Tues/Thurs Class at 21:40-22:40
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    "I love Jess's pilates classes! She brings together her training in somatics with the pilates to make it a deeper experience of body awareness during the exercises. The classes have a nice rythm where you feel both worked out and deeply relaxed at the end. I highly recommend her classes! They compliment any other form of movement work, sport or exercise. It takes work but you get the results!" ~ Pia G.from Buddhasati Chan Association, Morning Class Practicer

    "Jessica is a great teacher who helps students become aware of the body and its correct alignment which helps to be aware of posture throughout the day. It is also a wonderful stretching and relaxing class to start out the day. I really enjoy it and recommend it." ~ Anfany T. Morning Class Practicer & Marathon Runner.

    "Jessica is a thoughtful instructor who effectively communicates and tailors the principals of Pilates to each individual rather than taking a 'one size fits all' approach to teaching." ~ Doug A. Morning Class Practicer & Soccer Player.

    Hi everyone!

    This class is for those who finish work late. It's a small class of 3-5 people (Depends on your body size). This mini class allows you to not only improve posture, flexibility, body balance, whole body strength, endurance and body awareness, but also to reach your personal goals. In addition, you will have a deep relaxiation at the end of the class that gives you a better quality of sleep! 

    Time: Tues & Thurs 21:40-22:40
    Fee: 2500 / per month ( 8 classes)

    Wed Class infos:

    Polestar Pilates Instructor
    Jessica Yu
    Cell: 0920710923 (Text,Whatsapp,Line)
    Email: bodybuddy@livemail.tw