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Jess Pilates in Kaohsiung-2012 Mar 14- Jun 20 Every Wed 20:00-21:30
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    Hi everyone!

    It's been a great pleasure since Jess started running Pilates Classes teaching our dear foriegn friends in KH in 2011.  In 2012, Jess is opening a new class at night for those who couldn't make it to our morning classes. This night class is for all levels. It will start with a nice and easy self body checking to calm and relax the body & mind tension or pressure we get from working all day. Then we slowly prepare our bodies with the exercises that increase our body awareness and gently warm up the body for more further beneficial movements in all planes. You will not only learn a lof of Pilates "moves" but also learn how to treat and use your body in a safer way. Jess is looking forward to hear from you !! :-)

    "I love Jess's pilates classes! She brings together her training in somatics with the pilates to make it a deeper experience of body awareness during the exercises. The classes have a nice rythm where you feel both worked out and deeply relaxed at the end. I highly recommend her classes! They compliment any other form of movement work, sport or exercise. It takes work but you get the results!" ~ Pia G.from Buddhasati Chan Association, Morning Class Practicer

    "Jessica is a great teacher who helps students become aware of the body and its correct alignment which helps to be aware of posture throughout the day. It is also a wonderful stretching and relaxing class to start out the day. I really enjoy it and recommend it." ~ Anfany T. Morning Class Practicer. & Marathon Runner.

    "Jessica is a thoughtful instructor who effectively communicates and tailors the principals of Pilates to each individual rather than taking a 'one size fits all' approach to teaching." ~ Doug A. Morning Class Practicer. & Soccer Player.

    Class Time: Wed 20:00-21:30
    Fee:  300 / per class
            4000 / Mar 14 - Jun 20 (14 classes) 
                                         4/4 holiday no class
    Special Discount for a Group of..
    2 ppl, 3900 per person
    3 ppl, 3800
    4 ppl, 3700

    10F.-1, No.157, Yixin 2nd Rd., Qianzhen Dist.  
     (2 mins from Mega/SOGO department store)     
    Pix of the Mat Room
    Pic of a flat belly you will get if you join our class :p 

    Polestar Pilates Instructor
    Jessica Yu

    Cell: 0920710923 (Text,Whatsapp,Line)
    Email: bodybuddy@livemail.tw