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German Tutor
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    親愛的熱愛德文的朋友們 如果你們需要一個德國人當你們的德文家教,請鼓起勇氣和我聯絡吧!我土生土長在歐洲的奧大利,我很願意與你們分享任何相關知識及協助。我畢業後進入一間奧地利的教育公司擔任系統管理員,而我的職責便是在各種領域上施教。 我在今年的一月第一次來到台灣。來台灣前,我在日本待了半年,便在教學這方面花了很多時間。而現在,我非常期待能夠開始上一對一的德文家教。這是我德文家教的服務範圍:文法、會話、校閱寫作、協助做功課、協助如何寫各樣申請書、協助如何填德文表單,以及為考試做一對一教學-若有其餘需求,都可向我詢問。

    Dear german enthusiast.

    If you are keen to find a german native speaker as tutor please feel free and encouraged to contact me.

    I'm native german speaker from Europe, Austria and would be happy to share my knowledge and help in any matter.

    After graduation and becoming a System Administrator i joined an austrian company that mission it is to educate in many areas.

    It was january this year (2014) when i came the first time to Taiwan. I could add, in the six months that i have been to japan before, plenty of tutor hours to my cv.

    Now i am looking forward to start tutoring on a one-on-one basis.

    I offer tutoring in:
    Proof reading,
    Help to do homework,
    Help to write applications,
    Help to fill out german forms,
    Individual (Test preperation) tutoring
    - ask me.

    Rates are negotiable.
  • FrankVFrankV
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    Rates starts at 650. It depends on the request. 
    e.g. Conversation class would be less.

  • FrankVFrankV
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    Feel free to add me on line: austria.frank
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