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Thrift Stores?
  • SeanzillaSeanzilla
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    Are there any thrift or consignment stores in the city or nearby? 
  • samlovesyogasamlovesyoga
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    Hey, there aren't many this side of town unfortunately. But sometimes, about once a month we get a market or two with some great vintage clothes, etc. I've been to one down by Pier 2 that happened to be on after an art expo. Also sometimes in my area (Cultural Centre) on a Sunday eve they have a small market with thrift goods. I've bought some nice stuff. Unfortunately I don't know the specific dates of that market.

    This group though https://www.facebook.com/weekendfever?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser - Weekend Fever -  brings the markets to Pier 2 (and all over the country). I think the suppliers are mostly from Taipei.
    You'll need a Taiwanese friend to help you translate.

    Check it out!