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Enok Teak Furniture
  • andikacandikac
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    Hi everyone, My name is Andy. 

    I would like to introduce Enok Teak Furniture to you my friends.
    We are a company specialized in teak furniture.
    It is our commitment that we only sell the
    best teak furniture from Indonesia, and we strive to make sure that our customers only get the best product available in the market. 

    For those who is now wondering what teak is, it is a type of wood that is very strong and extremely durable (it lasts for decades in many cases with proper care). It has natural resistance to termites, fungis, and moisture, and is the best kind of wood to be used in the making of furniture, even in boat-building since centuries ago! Teak has the unique and unusual properties of being both an excellent structural timber for framing, planking, etc., while at the same time being easily worked.

    We also provide unique home decorations in our showrooms :)

    Currently we have two showrooms in Kaohsiung:

    First one is in Wufu 3rd Road no 101-3rd floor, (right at the intersection of Chenggong 1st Road and Wufu 3rd Road, next to 7-11 with a big TV screen)

    and the second one (new one) is in BoAi 2nd Road no 368, B1 floor. (Kaohsiung Arena MRT, Exit 2, right across the street, the good-looking basement right next to gas station).

    We are having a promo to celebrate the opening of BoAi store, so grab the chance to visit us :)

    You are more than welcome to visit our showrooms.
    We can speak English here, so friends from afar, don't worry about language barrier :)

    If you have any questions, you can our office 07-2169208 or send us an email at sales@enok-itc.com

    Thank you, and we are waiting for your visitation :)
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