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Moving to Kaohsiung in Two Weeks
  • EmilyishereEmilyishere
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    Hi Everyone! I am moving to Kaohsiung in two weeks to teach English. Since I don't know anybody (yet) and can't speak of lick of Mandarin (yet), I would really appreciate if if anyone has tips on good areas to live, particularly if there are any good "expat" areas. Any tips, advice on finding an apartment greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance! :)
  • TonyDTonyD
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    I don't know if I'd really consider any part of town an "expat" area. Zuoying is probably the closest to that description (a lot of Western style restaurants/amenities), but I also think it is one of the more boring parts of KHH (feels like posh suburbia to me). The areas around Central Park, Formosa Blvd., and Main Station MRTs are more exciting for night life/local food options. If you're feeling adventurous and want more bang for your buck, apartment wise, I would suggest somewhere on the outskirts of town like Fengshan or Daliao.  
  • TwMichael14TwMichael14
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    Gushan or zoying district is better.. I think... There are many foreigners and it's a better central location for job searching.. At our teaching salaries most apartments are very affordable. And you can walk to many local hot spots or take the mrt /krt to go to other places..I personally wouldn't want to live in the Formosa Blvd are due to the abundance of Chinese tourist and the "cop stops" Anyways good luck!
  • EmilyishereEmilyishere
    Posts: 2Member
    Thank you both very much for the info!