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Best District in Kaohsiung!
  • MPLS_HikerMPLS_Hiker
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    I am getting excited to move to Kaohsiung this fall! I thought this would be a good chance for people to rave about their favorite District. The Pros, Cons, cost, markets, social/nightlife scene, and any little perks. People who are moving may also find this thread useful.

    I can't wait to hear about where you love to live!

    Maybe an outline will help keep things neat and provide easy searchability...
    -Bedrooms, Ping, Cost, Fees
    -Your own little Rave!

    Lastly, here is a site i have found extremely useful while searching for apartments

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  • YeshiYeshi
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    I think the most suitable district will depend on what you enjoy doing, and why you're coming to Taiwan.  I live up in Zuoying district in what has turned out to be one of the most convenient areas (this was not the case when I moved in years ago).  On the other hand, the people in my neighborhood are total jerks a lot of the time, so it's a trade off. 

    If you're looking for more bang for your buck, Gushan, North Zuoying, Fengshan, and Nanzi are all great places with lots of space (as are Niaosong and Dashu if you're willing to be further out and plan to get a scooter).  If you're looking to be where the action is, downtown is probably more suitable, Sanmin, Yancheng, Lingya, maybe Xinxing.

    Hope this helps.  This is Kaohsiung; there isn't really much to rave about (not to burst your bubble of excitement).  Kaohsiung as a city is still developing, and while it's gotten a tremendous amount better in the last 10 years in terms of living conditions, it still has very little to offer as far as culture or activities are concerned and is light years away from Taipei.  Most people here actually have to leave Kaohsiung to do anything exciting- the most frequent destination is Kenting, just an hour and a half away with great beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, and hiking in their national park lands.

    This said, Kaohsiung does have its own Arts Festival and plenty of concerts if that interests you (I suggest you pick up a copy of Kaohsiung Art Go-Go from the airport on the way in, it's got tons of great info about what's on in the city and when).  There are also plenty of exhibitions that go on around the city- there are usually banners up along the streets so keep a look out- but these can be hit or miss.  There is also letterboxing that is going on all over the city, and is a lot of fun; I highly recommend it, especially for newcomers since it will give you an avenue to explore the city more thoroughly.  The website can be found here.
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  • dreadlockjaydreadlockjay
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    I would second a lot of what @yeshi has pointed out. A lot of foreigners reside in Zuoying and there are really nice places up there (albeit more expensive) with pools, gyms, etc. I found that the prices in the downtown/love river area--Lingya, Sanmin, Yangchang--are more reasonably priced and still fairly modern. 

    I noticed the username @MPLS_Hiker. Are you from Minneapolis?
  • samlovesyogasamlovesyoga
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  • samlovesyogasamlovesyoga
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  • MPLS_HikerMPLS_Hiker
    Posts: 9Member
    Hey Sam,
    The Cultural Centre are sounds wonderful! A park to bike around and do yoga is a big draw. Personally, I like to immerse myself in culture. So a local Cafe, shop or market are important. I know it may not mean much to some people but to me a place feeling "alive" as you put it, makes for a happier experience.
    Thanks for all of your input.

    And @Dreadlockjay I have been living in Minneapolis for the past 5 years. Great city! Where are you from? (I'll Message you, I would like to start getting to know people)
  • ChiaoWenChiaoWen
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    Just wondering where you decided to live finally? ....curious...
  • MPLS_HikerMPLS_Hiker
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    Qianzhen District, East of 17.
    I like that it it not as busy here as it is further north. it does take a little longer on a scooter. Good compromise.
  • goremegoreme
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    @ Yeshi not sure if you still live in KS as this is an old thread but you said, " the people in my neighborhood are total jerks a lot of the time" about the Zuoying district

    Do you think this is because there are so many foreigners living in that district?

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