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Zhonghua Telecom Cautionary Tale
  • crianpcrianp
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    Hey guys

    I am sure you know that if you want to get the highest speed internet in Taiwan, you only have a choice of going with them. Its pretty affordable and on par with other countries. Having lived in 5 other countries, this has never happened to me but I wanted to write about it here. I have MOD but I hate watching my TV shows months late so I download all my TV shows the next day and watch them. These downloads are all in HD so you can imagine the size. Lets say that after 3 months, I downloaded 1.05TB and have been throttled by Zhonghua so that my speeds on certain kinds of traffic are only 40kb instead of 10mb. Hopefully anyone else who is with Zhonghua will try to reign in their downloading otherwise you might be stuck with a contract with them and super slow internet.
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  • YeshiYeshi
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    Have you tried calling them and complaining?  Some time ago our internet stopped working (or working super slowly) and we called to have someone look at our internet.  They actually gave us an upgrade on the spot.  We've been with them for years though.  Still worth a shot, I would think.
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  • AlexkAlexk
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    Just noticed the same thing.
    Was downloading a movie yesterday and thought it was strange that my speeds didn't exceed 70kb/s. Today the same thing!
    I googled around a bit and seems that in the past people over at forumosa have complained about the same issue. (the site is now down btw so can't post any links)
    I went into my router settings and checked the status there. Disconnected the WAN connection and then reconnected in order to get a new IP-address. After that my speeds are exceeding the cap and I'm getting a few megabytes/s again, which is closer to what I'd expect went connected to 50+ seeders. I'm not sure how long it will last before that IP gets capped again, but at least for now it's a whole lot better that 70kb/s. Good luck
  • dreadlockjaydreadlockjay
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    Thanks for sharing this. I've noticed this as well with our internet, and I don't even download that much content. The disconnect method is a nifty trick.
  • crianpcrianp
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    That is a good trick, thanks. Switched from torrents to usenet so no issues anymore.