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Kaohsiung Cracking Down on Smoking in Public (Active 4/1/2014)
  • YeshiYeshi
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    Hi everyone,

    I noticed there are new no-smoking signs up around public parks* here in KHH and just called to confirm the status of the new laws:

    As of the 1st of April (2014), no smoking will be permitted within any national, city, or municipal parks. 
    This includes the sidewalk and walkways surrounding the parks. 
    Any smoking on the sidewalks around a park or within a park is finable up to 10,000nt.

    Smoking is permitted in the streets and where there are not prohibitive signs posted. 
    However, along with the new park law, there are also laws in place that prevent smoking in front of or near any apartment building main door (there are usually signs posted).

    Not sure how strictly enforced these new laws will be here in Kaohsiung (they are nationally mandated), but it's better to be on the safe side and avoid smoking in these areas, otherwise the fines will be steep as they try to make examples out of the few people they do catch!

    *Be careful at parks like Fuguo across from Lighthouse; signs are up, but only on the sides furthest from lighthouse!  These laws go into effect 1st April and are finable regardless of whether you see the signs.  :-\
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  • LighthouseLighthouse
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    Please post if possible a picture of these signs.


  • YeshiYeshi
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    I'll try to get to it, but they look exactly like every other no-smoking sign on the island: big red circle with a cross over the cigarette.  Above the icon it says smoking is prohibited in black ink, below it says the maximum fine also in black, and at the very bottom in green it says Kaoshiung city jurisdiction.  They're also pretty large- probably 9" by 6", so they're hard to miss.

    *Update: Here's a copy of the sign up at Fuguo park (across from Bayou).  The far side next to 3C and the side adjacent to Tasty also have no smoking signs, but the entrance across from Lighthouse still does not have a sign.  The laws go into effect next week so please remember to take your cigs to the street.
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  • YeshiYeshi
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    A photo of the sign is now up; please have a look and remember the law goes into effect next week! 
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  • HootHoot
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    the same law is in effect in Taipei, enforcing it is passive unless someone complains and then a photo is necessary. Just don't go throwing your butts around and you should be alright.  
  • YeshiYeshi
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    Not in places like Fuguo.  People here come out with their cameras because they get paid for every person they report (with photos, obviously); they've even gone so far as to try to convince me that they're not unemployed, they're just needy victims making a quick-buck.

    I've been followed around and harassed before, so I would advise extreme caution (just don't do it; it's not worth a 10,000nt fine).
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  • HootHoot
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    The wife said they were doing that in Taipei, she doesn't know if they are still doing it. I have never had a problem (don't smoke much) and have no fear of telling anyone to pike off. I don't throw buts on the ground when I do smoke and never smoke around other people that don't.

    The folks taking the photos have to get an identifier photo to get paid, house or car. Might be why they had been following you.
  • AndyAAndyA
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    It's really a shame that people snitch on others like that. People have forgotton that using tobacco was often used for medicimal purposes and was not considered dangerous. But it alsomakes me wonder why people so quickly demonize tobacco and smoking and why did the tobacco companies give in so easily to lose all those millions of dollars?
    It makes about as much sense as banning Barbaque on Moon Festival.

    I know most people will say, "Cancer". But if tobacco causes cancer then why is it that Japan and Greece have the highest numbers of cigarette smokers in the world but the lowest number of lung cancer patients and countries like America,Austraila and Russia have the lowest number of cigarette smokers but the highest lung cancer rates in the world?
    Checkout the history of tobacco it is really quit amazing.

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