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Student Visa Questions
  • paulbinpaulbin
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    Hi guys, I've been studying Chinese at Wenzao for 3 months now and I've just had to extend my student visa.

    It was a really quick process and only took 20 minutes but they have only extended it by 2 months, will I have to go back every 2 months for an extension? I am planning on studying Chinese long term is there anyway I can apply for a long term student visa?

    Thanks Paul :)

  • HootHoot
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    Hey Paul, that would be a great question to have asked at immigration while you were extending the visa.   

    Just saying, cause you may get a couple of different answers here, and an entirely different answer when you go back to immigration.
  • blake_the_humanblake_the_human
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    If you're doing 15 hours a week at Wenzao you can apply for a Student ARC. Talk to the organizer at the Language center office.

  • YeshiYeshi
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    You need to continue to extend until the 6 month mark.  This is the legal limit.  Once you have paid for the following semester in full, you can ask Wenzao to help you file the paperwork for a visitor ARC (this is not a student ARC and you cannot legally work- only Degree Granting programs [BA, MA, PhD] will provide a student visa and there are a lot of hurdles for this kind of visa). 

    Once you obtain the visitor ARC, you can continue to extend as long as you pay your tuition in full before the extension.

    Hope this helps.
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