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  • CloboClobo
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    We got spotted in Subway by one of our YouTube viewers. So cool! 
    Also, we're soon to be taking up Muay Thai with Ran Lee. We dabbled a little back at home and we're wanting to take it up again.
    Let me know if you want to know more about Ran Lee and his gym. He's such a friendly guy, speaks good English and very understanding of teaching work hours. 

    You can laugh at our ridiculous shorts here:
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  • taihaotaihao
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    Thanks so much for this comment. I'm an American who's just moved to Kaohsiung and I"ve done Muay Thai for years -- looking to continue. Mind posting the address and nearest metro stop to Ran Lee's place? Thanks so much!
  • CangguCanggu
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    Dunno the actual address. But the MRT stop is Dadong (013 on the orange line).

    I spent a whole afternoon trying to find it. The English instructions on the facebook page doesn't work.

    Dadong exit 2 (the one opposite side of the arts center). Turn left. Walk til across the bridge. There is an immediate left turn at the end of the bridge. Walk about 50m with river on your left.

    Then look high on the right and see a sign that has a cartoon of a child in a martial arts gi/kimono. Walk into that building and up the stairs on your left. Then walk to the top and get ready to train.

    Say hello when you see a 6'2 Chinese dude working the grappling dummy to sharpen up my bjj.
  • edstaredstar
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    I met Ran Lee in Hong Kong first time on a muay thai competition, one of his student had a fight there...I have to go check out his gym here in Kao one day.  
  • mangomango
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    Thanks for the info. I'm interested in Muay Thai as well. I've taken Aikido in the past, but I would like to learn a martial art that is more active and also learn how to throw strikes.